Parent Partnership

The first teacher in the life of a child is their parent’s. The parents know the child like no other person ever can. They understand the body language, the baby talk and the first broken attempts that their child makes at getting themselves understood. We know, therefore, that it is vital that all our staff maintain close personal links with parents. To facilitate this we:

  • Maintain a home/ELC contact book for all children.
  • Keep regular written reports of children’s activities and share these with parents.
  • Invite parent’s to parent – teacher consultations.
  • Lend books to parents to read at home with their child.
  • Provide parents and children with a gentle introduction to nursery and pre-school. Suggesting that parents stay with their child until they are happily settled.
  • Send home children’s paintings and work
  • Provide parent’s access to their child’s Learning Journey Portfolio.

At Little Sprouts ELC we believe that if parents are happy with the service and quality of care that we are providing your children will have a memorable start on the road to their educational journey.

Daily Reporting - "Little Sprouts UAE" App

Know how your child's day is going even when you are in the office/home. Take a break from your busy day and browse through your phone to learn about your child's mood, food intake, activities, and needs. Parents love this Mobile App "Little Sprouts UAE"!

  • Little Sprouts happy and proud to Launch this Mobile App for FREE to get daily updates of your child's learning progress, activities for the day, feeding and toileting routiness & their mood :)
  • Parents are most welcome to communicate via App on their child's specific needs or any informations.
  • We continue to preserve this ideal in our ELC today by employing dedicated staff, who share our vision & passionate about Shaping a Future Generation .

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