Keeping your family and our team members safe is of the utmost importance to us here at little sprouts. we’ve all been navigating through this new reality and doing our best to keep those in our immediate circle healthy. here are a few things we’re doing at little sprouts to ensure our community stays safe and healthy. for our currently enrolled families, in the event you need to report a positive covid-19 case after regular school hours, on the weekend or a holiday, please call the little sprouts covid-19 report line: +971 52 475 0789 we thank you for your ongoing support and effort in keeping our community healthy and safe!

Daily Health Checks

  • Each morning, all our team members are required to complete a daily health check, this includes self temperature readings and health checks that are individually reported to the center manager. While our children will stop at our temperature reading station located in the lobby to get a daily reading. This temperature reading, along with a symptom check list, is entered into our digital sign in/out process. For both families and team members, we ask that you stay home if you are feeling unwell. Convenient and Safe Attendance Tracking Thanks to our nurse for our signing in and out process is quick, easy

  • Minimizing Drop Off and Pick Up Traffic

  • As a proactive step, Little Sprouts is requiring each family to have only one designated adults for pick ups and drop off’s. We ask that only one accompanying adult does pick up and drop off each time of the day. Our hope is in doing so, we will continue to avoid any exposure and maintain a healthy environment within our immediate community. No parents are allowed inside school premises unless it is an emergency. If so they are allowed to stay not more than ten minutes. There are also designated markers outside of the school for families to be able to properly social distance while waiting to drop off or pick up.

  • Masks

  • Little Sprouts ELC is asking for all visitor’s and guardian’s to wear a facial mask while dropping their children. Team members should wear a facial mask while on Little Sprouts premises and within six feet of others. It is left at the discretion of each family if they would like their child to wear a facial mask while attending school, however no child under the age of two shall wear a facial covering.

  • Campus Cleanliness

  • Little Sprouts ELC facilities are kept clean and sanitized on a daily basis to help control germs and bacteria. All of Little Sprouts ELC’s sanitizing products are Dubai Municipality approved. Our products are not only DM approved but also considered “green” and are made with safe and natural ingredients whenever possible. Little Sprouts ELC is continuing to be vigilant in our cleaning regiment by disinfecting light switches, door knobs, and any frequently touched surfaces at least once a day, if not more. Used toys are sanitized at least once daily as well. Our temporary hours of operation are from 8am-5pm to allow team members to utilize the time after children are in attendance to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the classrooms. In addition, a professional cleaning crew services our locations once a week.

  • Keeping Groups Small

  • In our classrooms that are designed for up to twenty students, we have been reduced to 10 students per stable. Hand Hygiene We know that one of the best and most basic ways to keep ourselves and those around us healthy is to practice good hand hygiene. Little Sprouts provides easy to access hand sanitizer in the lobby. We ask everyone entering our facility to use sanitizer or wash hands before moving about the premises. All team members are trained in frequent and proper hand washing. Teachers and children entering a room are required to thoroughly wash or sanitize their hands. We also routinely conduct hand washing throughout the day before eating or serving food, after using the restroom or if someone coughs or sneezes